Direct Tax Service

Need for Tax Planning and Compliance :

Achieving tax savings is a universal financial goal”. When tax burdens decrease available financial resources, seeking the advice and guidance of financial professionals who know how to address tax challenges and seize tax-saving opportunities, is must.

How we can assist you

  • Comprehensive Tax Planning for Corporates, Firms, Individual,etc.
  • Tax Planning through Will
  • E-Filing of Income Tax Return for Corporates, Firms, Individual etc.
  • Electronic Filing of TDS Returns
  • Appearing before tax Authorities for Assessment Proceeding
  • Appearing before Appellate Authorities
Income Tax Calculator

Income tax calculator

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Need for Wealth Tax Planning and Compliance :

As per the Wealth Tax Act, 1957, every Individual, HUF and Company are required to pay Wealth Tax at the rate of 1%, if his Net Wealth computed as at 31st March exceeds Rs. 30 lakhs.

For Computing the Net Wealth, values of following assets are required to be considered:

  1. Value of Immovable property( Except one Residence house)
  2. Value of Movable property
    1. Motor Car
    2. Jewellery
    3. Yachts
    4. Cash in hand (above prescribed limit)
  3. Interest held in the Assets of the Firm or Association of Person as a Partner or Member thereof

How our service can assist

  • Wealth Tax Planning for Corporate, HUF & Individual.
  • Filing of Wealth Tax Returns for Corporate, HUF & Individual.

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