Business Advisory

Need for Accurate Accounts

Financial health is an ongoing challenge for every business, and your numbers are the scorecard communicating your strengths and opportunities for improvement.From start-ups to established enterprises, businesses rely on accurate and insightful financial information in order to maintain profitability and capitalize on new opportunities. Accurate record keeping is a key component to the success of your business. Well-informed, timely, and accurate accounting services are as important to small and medium sized companies as for a Fortune 500 firm.

How our services can assist you:

Unfortunately, many businesses do not have the resources to process all accounting functions internally.Hence we offer quality accounting services from a dedicated staff of accounting professionals in two ways

1) Accounting service for Business Entities as well as Individuals which includes but not limited to

  • Book-Keeping
  • Accounting System Set-up
  • Development of Cost Centers
  • Development of MIS Reports
  • Preparing and submitting details for various compliance like TDS,VAT, Income tax, Service Tax, etc.

2) Accounting software Selection and Implementation

Choosing and implementing a new accounting software system can be a challenging undertaking. Our experience with various packages currently in the market as well as awareness of new products allow us to aid you in choosing and implementing a system that will suit your needs.

Need for Project Finance

Finance is need for every business and it is required either for running the business or to make capital investments in the business. If right decision is not taken for capital investments then there will be working capital issue for running the business. So there arises need for Project Finance and the consultancy. It is commonly used to fund large scale projects. Project Financing Services requires the valuation of a project in terms of the capital needed, risks associated with the project and other issues that need to be sorted out.

How our service will assist you:

  • Identifying the needs of Finance- for Short term or Long Term
  • Preparing the Project Reports
  • Evaluating the cost-effective Option out of the available options
  • Timely Disbursement
  • Funding from the Banks /FI of your choice
  • Availing the Interest Subsidy / Capital Subsidy
  • Availing the Electric Duty Exemption (New Projects only)

As Warren Buffet describes “Price is what you pay & Value is what you get”. Valuations are required for different purpose and called for different point of time. One cannot use pre-set rules, principles and precedents for valuations without considering the varied circumstances for which valuations are required. Any transaction of purchase/ sale of business/ companies require determination of fair value for the transaction to satisfy stakeholders and/or Regulators. Business valuation is an unformulated and subjective process. A clear understanding of the purpose for which the valuation is being attempted is very important aspect to be kept in mind before commencement of the valuation exercise.

How our Services will Assist:

  • Determination of price for Acquisition/Sale of Business
  • Determination of Price for Purchase or sales of Equity Shares
  • Determination of Price for Fresh allotment of shares by Unlisted companies(Regulatory Requirement)
  • Determining the value of family owned business and assets in case of Family separation