saginaw pitman arm nut size 65 Warning for California Residents WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. 97 from Summit. Be sure to properly tighten all bolts. Gave it a good hit. I have a 1971 CJ-5 and my tie rod/drag links look like its from a late model CJ5 instead. Using the same technique as above, remove the center link from the Pitman arm (steering box end, near the driver’s side frame rail; 3/4 inch nut) and the idler arm (passenger side frame rail end, 3/4 inch castle nut). Free shipping The pitman arm connects the sector shaft to the center link, which is supported at the other end by the idler arm. . Replace the pitman arm and nut. 00 Each. 550" major and . Most all passenger car steering systems utilize pressure between 1000 and 1200 PSI. Steering box includes adapters to be able to use either O-ring or flare style hose connections. 25-35 Rear . This is one of the beefiest steering boxes we've seen. Check out these photos of a customer build at GenRight that shows the full range of motion on a hi-steering set up and demonstrates the geometry to eliminate bump steer Hey Chuck, my pitman arm fit the 525 exactly the same as the power unit. I didn't take a picture, but I compared the 2 sets of splines with my calipers, before I installed the pitman arm on the 525, and they were the same. GM Saginaw are 5/8-36, as are the Borgeson-Mullins. The easiest way to tell an 800-type gearbox from a 605-type box is by the type of Pitman cover on the shaft. Remove the old power steering center link assembly. We currently carry 8 Pitman Arm products to choose from for your 1988 Chevrolet S10, and our inventory prices range from as little as $20. The pitman shaft serrations and the pitman arm lock nut are also still the same. HEMI Engine Conversions: If the AC compressor or power steering pump is located on the bottom driver side of the engine, there may be clearance issues. Saginaw Design = . 2. 25" These measurements are fairly accurate. After you loosen the nut, put tension on the pitman arm with the pitman arm puller. Dodge/Mopar has released a gearbox upgrade for the 2003-2008 2500 and 3500 Rams that comes complete with an extreme duty gear box, pitman arm, and upper tie rod. Loosen the lock nut on top of the box while holding the adjusting screw. of the Ctr Link stud that attaches to the Pitman Arm. This is where the nut that holds the Pitman arm in place threads on. if it does'nt suck the pitman arm down fairly simply then you might have a problem. 4. Kit comes with tie rod ends, jam nuts and tube. lbs. . 1 716823 column mounting plate 7. quantity: $59. . Find Pitman Arms from ACDelco, Centric Parts, MOOG, and other top brands at Summit Racing, and order yours today for fast shipping and great service. Works on all Rear Wheel Drive "Chrysler" Steering Boxes. pitman nut and washer $6. . 00 to $65. To the best of my knowledge no one is currently making the bushings, once they are gone that may be it, kind of like the C4/C6 tranny mount for these cars. The pitman arm will have a larger internal spline than the 1956 manual steering pitman arm in order to fit the 1. 1 716841 universal joint (1" dd x 1"dd) 13. The steering arm is bolted to the steering spindle at one end and connected to the steering linkage at the other. What You'll Need: 18mm - 1/2 drive wrench and socket. H. ONLY STEERING GEAR IDENTIFICATION Tighten the sector shaft locknut to 35 ft lbs and recheck the sector mesh adjustment. Illus. Step 5 Remove the tie rod end from the pitman arm. The ball bearings allow the worm to turn inside the nut with very little bearing surface area for smooth operation. The pitman arm uses a pinch bolt to hold it in place. 639 mm) but I also saw a video on your tube where I guy used a 34mm to remove one on a gm truck. . 1. Omix-ADA 18006. Stock Jeep Wagoneer Pitman Arm Pirate 4x4. . I ordered the Rough Country steering box stabilizer and was wondering what size the pitman arm nut size is. Attach the Pitman arm to #990050 manual drag link and secure with supplied castle nut and cotter pin. with two flats) sizes, 14 different spline size yokes, and the ‘94 and later Mustang V style can be combined to mate components from many different manufacturers. For sale is a new 1968-1972 Gm mid-size pitman arm. So if you are looking for a stock gm power steering arm for your car, imca race car, here you are. 2) This bracket set includes 2 short spacers and 2 long spacers. I've looked at several power steering (PS) conversion kits but don't want to throw down a ton of I got the new parts ordered and they started to arrive. At this point, we are ready to remove the Mustang power steering box. 2 Piece rubber, Saginaw P/S pump to Ford conversion box. Check the size of the holes tapped in the head to select the proper size before beginning installation. Some of the changes that did occur throughout the years of production are as follows: 1). 00 pitman arm power steering 600 pitman arm nut & lock the pitman arm. It uses a 3-bolt triangle pattern very similar to the Saginaw GMT gearbox, but has 7/16-14 mounting bolt threads. It had zero play previous to the arm install. 32 at Amazon. Center the steering box and reinstall the Pitman arm to the new steering box with the supplied lock washer and nut. movement is felt in the pitman arm. 7/8” H. Tighten the pitman arm to the sector shaft nut to 85-110 foot-pounds. FREE Shipping. This was pulled from one of our 70-81 parts cars. then tighten it down slowly,it should suck the pitman arm down without having to stand on it. Overall length without ends is 26. Average time experienced 3/4 - 1 hr. • Connect power steering hoses. Part of my problem is that my Willys is sprung over and has a 4" dropped pitman arm. gov Use our guide to learn more about Gm Pitman Arm. 97) 268-8630 - Pitman Arm, Forged, Power Steering, 1969 AMC Ambassador - Limited Lifetime Warranty (+$129. Allstar Performance It is available with a tool we made that is exactly the same size nut as what holds the pitman arm onto the steering box. New 1968-1972 GM Midsize Pitman Arm 700 Saginaw 800 Sweet Box Chevy Buick If the pitman arm and/or nut and lockwasher are still attached to the lower end of the sector shaft, remove them. Inner and outer tie rods. 4. TPI Pitman Arm, power steering stock replacement. Factory replacment idler arm. Before removing the Pitman arm, you have to remove the large (1 5/16 inch) nut at the end of the large splined steering gear shaft. Is only correct for 1968-1972 mid size GM applications will not work for the 1964-1967 center link or the 1973-1977 drag links. Summit Racing Answer - 8/22/2019 0 of 0 found this answer helpful. Then position the pitman arm puller under the steering knuckle and on the tie rod end. 75", long outer steering arm, is roughly 6. Then lock 1964-72 GM A-Body Pitman Arm for 700 Series Manual or 600 Delphi Power Steering Box - 5". $15. PN716816 - Manual pitman arm . 89. Now the bad news. 75. 55-75 STEERING ARM TO STEERING KNUCKLE . This offer is for a original gm g body pitman arm. Steel nylock nut with 5/8"-18 threads designed to retain the pitman arm on reversed Corvair steering boxes. The Borgeson Saginaw/Delphi 700 Series steering box, which can be ordered from Borgeson or JEGS (p/n 153-800205), is a variable ratio remanufactured steering box that shares the same dimensions as the original steering box. If you are looking for any other gm pitman arms, just email me. So this OER 153610 Manual Steering Pitman Arm 1963-1964 Chevy Impala Bel Air Biscayne. It accepts either our universal pitman arm (702-2940) or your stock GM arm (small style, like our 910-32552). View Item Details. 1 723703 3/8" NYLOCK NUT 18. . about the 1970 SAGINAW 5637964 (Stock #7630) st3120z chevrolet el camino pitman arm power steering saginaw 525 & 605 metric box . 550" major and . The pitman arm is a toss up, 3 or 4 spline, do you have the old Saginaw box or the 670-680 box which I believe came equipped on the 2007 and later trucks with the new body change. Welded Steering Linkage IS NOT D. Saginaw pump reservoir cap $99. Length with both relay rod ends installed is adjustable from approximately 29. Had to get a 3/4" drive socket and an adapter to 1/2" drive. Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40, FJ45, FJ55, FJ25 and FJ60 Steering. 256 then 1 1/4 is most likely the socket you want. To access the pitman arm shaft seal, you must remove the pitman arm from the steering box. st3120z oldsmobile cutlass/442/f85 pitman arm power steering saginaw 525 & 605 metric box . 6) Always use the required torque wrench and socket to bring the sector/pitman nut to proper torque. This pitman arm nut has a zinc plated finish. The difference is about a half inch. FITS: 1962-1968 A, B, & C Bodies. All later model boxes require the 1964 - 72 Chevelle pitman PS arm (required change) when used on earlier Chevelles. HAS NUT FOR PITMAN ARM CABOVER APP. 7/8” Tube Inserts. One problem was finding a socket big enough to fit the pitman nut. . There is an art to adjusting them. 95. When the effective lengths of the pitman arm and the steering arm are equal, the linkage has a ratio of 1:1. Use the 3/4" wrench or socket to remove the two bolts from the sector shaft cover. Easy Installation Process. 97 from Summit. These You have a 4x4 truck box. Remove the big nut which holds the steering box and the pitman arm together using a breaker bar and a ¾” drive socket. Step 6 Remove the nut that retains the pitman arm to the sector shaft of the gearbox. 99 74 Nova pitman arm to replace worn out 40 year old. View Item Details. Remove the pitman arm from the steering shaft using a pitman arm puller. . To try and adjust the sector shaft screw without doing the preceding will DAMAGE the steering gear. Description Rare Parts Center Link #25748 or RP25748 1964 Buick Electra, Lesabre Wagon & Wildcat(See extended description below for full vehicle application information) Center Links Include New(When Applicable): Castle Nut, Zerk Fitting, Cotter Pin NOTE:Fits Vehicles With Power Steering Only NOTE:Fits Vehicles With Alternate Design Only~ Measure the small diameter of the Center Link stud that Pitman Arm Add a new forged pitman arm Please choose one None (+$0. 25" socket and probably a breaker bar to get the castle nut off the output shaft of the gear box (holds pitman arm on). 17. 1 716819 center socket tie rod end 6. Fast ratio Power Steering- Saginaw 605 Use box from 1977-81 Camaro/Firebird with disc brakes (or any 800 series box used in Novas, full size GM, etc), gives approx 3 turns lock to lock, versus original power steering 4. Drag link tapered hole measures . . . It will fit most standard Saginaw steering boxes found in Jeep, Scout, and 2wd Chevy trucks. A lot of 'wheelers with older rigs probably have one bolted to their A pair of the correct size nuts were welded together, taking care to make sure they were accurately aligned. Recheck pitman arm for lash. . if it threads on with no play in the threads, that's problem one solved. #1 Best Seller. Kit is correct for ma 3rd gen GTA TA Saginaw steering box (in my case). 29-43 easily remove the Pitman Arm. I have always disliked converting cars LHD to RHD or vice/versa. As you see I described the Pitman on my 1969 race car, but as this has a much modified front end, I couldn’t be 100% sure. OER Authorized pitman arm to fit various 1964-72 GM A-Body models with manual Saginaw 700 series or power Delphi 600 series Saginaw steering boxes. pitman shaft used with the 1956 steering gear. . 00 pitman arm power steering 600 pitman arm nut Making the upgrade to power steering with a rebuilt GM 605 box is a common project for Tri-Five Chevy owners. ' to be removed without applying too much force. The reason we have you mark your Box is because we want the Steering Box to stop internally when the Axle stops. Auto parts stores do NOT carry these. It is commonly thought that a GM/Saginaw style pump will not mate well with a Ford rack. 4. OER Authorized pitman arm to fit various 1964-72 GM A-Body models with manual Saginaw 700 series or power Delphi 600 series Saginaw steering boxes. 38-50 CROSSMEMBER TO BODY Front . 95 Each. Pure Performance linkage works with a stock pitman arm on 4" to 6" lifts. saginaw box leaking out of sector shaft adjuster nut Anyone ever had this happen? I just rebuilt the pump and gear box and everything works great, except there is a major leak out around the adjuster screw/lock nut on the top of the box. pitman shaft used with the 1956 Buick power steering gear. 76. I. Flat universal pitman arm. Do not pry the arm loose, as severe damage to the steering gear can result. 7828464 Steering Specifications Classic Industries offers a wide selection of All Makes All Models parts, including All Makes All Models interior parts and soft trim, All Makes All Models exterior sheet metal, All Makes All Models moldings, All Makes All Models emblems, All Makes All Models weatherstrip and unique accessories, to nearly every nut and bolt needed for installation. 5-6" of Lift | 6605. Chevy/Dodge/Ford cross over steering drop pit man arm used in our crossover steering kits. D. Remove the washer (2) and the seal (1). 90° from center line of worm shaft B. Step 2 Raise the front wheels off the ground, or remove the pitman arm or tie rod. O. Changes From 1/4" SAE to 5/16" SAE. Outer steering arms - short 5. The tie rods are the same as those used in the manual steering linkage to fit the seven degree kingpin angle steering knuckles. 25" - 31. Clean the pitman shaft and the seal areas using a crocus cloth. You will also need a gear puller to get the pitman arm off the output shaft of the old gearbox. . Lessons learned thus far: --The pitman nut is 1 5/16", formally called the "Pitman Shaft Nut" by GM and was used from 1962 to around 1992. Chevy Nova 1970, Renewed Pitman Arm Nut and Washer by Lares®. Had to put the Malibu pitman arm on the Monte box. i think i have it on there at 85 right now. Casting: 7812145. BOLTS **Kit does not include the Saginaw Steering Box, Steering Hoses or New Tie Rod Ends for Military Replacement. 1. In fact Ford uses Saginaw pumps on some rack & pinion equipped vehicles. Click image for full size. Ratio is a variable 16:13:1, input shaft 3/4" 30 spline, and 3 bolt mounting (Bolts to standard Saginaw 4 bolt pattern). The seats are a press fit and are installed by using a ¼x2-inch bolt. 2 716824 frame enclosure 8. 460 minor I. Somuchfor the Metric system. I didn't have a socket that size in my tool collection, so I borrowed from a friend once again same guy that lent me the tie-rod fork. Step 7 Using a pitman arm puller, remove the pitman arm. 77-78 Camaro or Firebird rag joint. Torque the pitman arm retaining nut to 180 foot pounds (this is easier to do once the gearbox is mounted) and be sure to use the lock washer provided. If you measured 1. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -- p65Warnings. 25 inch O. These are pretty close, I may revise by 1/8" + -. those are indexed as well so i know it is on there correct. Back off the lock nut a few turns. 6. They operate at angles up to 35°. 05 Power Steering Pitman Arm for Wrangler TJ. I won't bore you with pictures of that process. Step 4 Fill fluid reservoir to “full cold” level. But you can't mix a variable ratio pitman shaft with a standard ball nut, and vise versa. Prop. Now you need to get the harmonic balancer nut off in preparation for pulling the balancer. Torque jam-nut 40-45 ft lbs. Add to cart Add to cart Details. I was going to gather up what tools I need to install it and I know that nut is pretty big so needing to know what size it is. steering linkage, pitman arm, steering gear, flexible coupling, steering column, steering hub, and steering wheel) were designed by General Motors and Saginaw Steering Gear Division such that they could be put together with great integrity, reliability, and dependability. Empty the pump reservoir. 5 out of 5 stars I bought a 3/4 to 1/2 drive adapter so I can use them on my impact and other 1/2 drive wrenches. 96. I broke the outer ring loose, but the big nut turns with it. (although I might have to tweak it just a bit). Remove the nut and the pitman arm. Standard tube lengths in stock, other specify center to center length. PN 31011. The pitman shaft serrations and the pitman arm lock nut are still the same. D. This will allow time for the oil to work its way down the splines while you are carrying out the other removal procedures and will allow the pitman arm. Fits 32 spline 4 relief Saginaw steering box's 2wd for 67-87 4x4 conversion (88-91 Suburban and Blazer solid axle factory trucks). Step 5 Whith an assistant checking the fluid level and condition, turn the steering wheel slowly and Knowing the proper torque setting for each nut and bolt on your JK is important especially if you take it off road on a regular basis. When we swapped the box, we were careful to put the pitman arm back at about the same angle as before. Does anyone know what size that nut on the bottom of the power steering gear holding the pitman arm on is? It's pretty big, something like an inch and a half, but I'd like to know for sure so I can make certain I take the right size with me. Yesterday I installed the Pittman arm on my manufactured Saginaw box. . Inspect the housing for burrs. 1 723704 WASHER 19. Tighten the box to the frame bolts to 50-65 foot-pounds. $19. Saginaw relay rod end (716821) to match new pitman arm; March pump bracket kit for V-8 (MCH-20160) with bolts, washers, spacers, and instructions; Aircraft quality hoses; Billet aluminum pulley (SUM-63975) 4+Plus mounting plate (the one for the firewall, not the gearbox mounting bracket) Bearing, nut, and woodruff key for steering shaft Pete and Jakes Saginaw Pitman Arm. In this video I will go over a few different pitman arms as I prepare an upgrade for the 1 ton swap and show you an easy way to remove those stuck pitman arm Saginaw: Model: 4 Line Pow: Series: 5696067: Unit Type: Remanufactured: Product ID: 5696067: Description: SAG 4 LINE POWER STEERING GEAR: Additional Info: Notes: Need to Know if Using One or Two Assist Cylinders. Looks like an early Saginaw 800. Suspension Steering . We use King’s 2. 99 $53. TIP You use the original hoses with the 11/16-18 UNS and 5/8-18 UNFnuts and 45 degree flared ends. (If Clamp Type, Need Number more info the sector shaft that your pitman arm connects to. Install the pitman arm and replace back in vehicle. Make sure that the pitman arm positioning allows for the center point of the sector and the center Pitman Shaft Disassembly Here it sits, unsuspecting and unawares. The suspension systems of Chrysler vehicles, including those of 1966– 1970 B-Bodies, were some of the most unique coming out of Detroit during the height of the muscle car era, particularly the independent front suspension. Most wrench sets only go up to 1 1/4 inch, and the only 1 5/16 Tighten the adjuster nut assembly (1) to 30 N?m (22 lb ft). The Scout II power steering boxes are coded "700", which is a Saginaw designation. 60 Click here for info about joining Club SOR Get the best deals on Pitman & Idler Arms for Ford LTD when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. male O ring. intermediate shaft service kit. R-Shows the steering gear was remanufactured by Sheppard. When the steering wheel is turned, the pitman arm forces the center link and tie-rods to move laterally, thereby turning the front tires. 1-5/16 - 3/4 drive (big) socket and breaker bar to remove pitman nut. 66 gal. I have also made a 3/8" flare to 3/8" O ring adapter, and a modified 10 mm O ring nut to use an inverted flare line on the Metric pressure port. Disconnect both lines, and drain the fluid out into a container. 7/8” Jam Nut. 59 up to $145. This puts it somewhere in strength below the "800" series (mid-size cars) or "808" (full-size cars/trucks), and the middle 1960’s right through today! The other is the pitman shaft connection. (also not required really. Fits most Saginaw pumps through . . New Rag Joint, Dorman 31011, $47. $28. 96. . Now it appears the box has some very slight play off center. $19. 25 inch O. Loosen the nut that holds the lash adjusting screw, then remove the 3 bolts that hold the cover on. Step 3 Turn steering wheel fully to the left. 15914 Sheppard Ref. 3. 55-75 Rear Crossmember Support to Body . Since this is a pre-1980 gearbox it will have 5/8" and 11/16” SAE inverted flare fittings and use a 13/16-36 input shaft. REMOVAL: Cars with manual steering. also the pitman arm doesnt seem to have risen up the rod as much on the saginaw as it was before. Pitman Arm Straight Black. Nut or Clamp Type Pitman Arm. All tie rod ends must be secured with a castle nut and cotter pin. Now I will try and be more helpful. The individual pitman shaft seals are inner as SKF 12371 (were applicable), outer seal SKF 12355, I’ve used the kit. quantity: $59. 251. I have a tube that is 35. Fits 32 spline 4 relief Saginaw steering box's IFS 4x4 strait axle conversion 88-07 GMC/Chevy. Idler Arm (SWS Part # 107-250) Includes grease fitting . 7. It has no master splines on it. removal forces (common to tapered spline applications) to remove such an arm (sans nut) particularly if it was considered to have been sufficiently loose as to induce fretting upon a tapered connection. nut and turning the Allen screw counterclockwise a few turns. So I just replaced my steering box with a new unit. You can use a BFH as an alternative, just make sure to hit on the knuckle around where the tie rod bolts onto. It is a dealer part or available from AMK products. In the 1960s and '70s, most Saginaw steering units produced were the model 800; the model 605 began appearing in mid-size GM vehicles in 1978. Pump the power steering fluid from the inside of the box by moving the pitman arm back and forth. Install three box bolts. Refer to sector shaft adjustment They finally did it! That's right, Dodge may finally be admitting to the issues with their gearboxes for the 2003-2008 HD Rams. If the pitman arm is shorter or longer than the steering arm, the ratio is less than or more than 1:1. -ft. The tie rods will be the same as those used in the manual steering linkage to fit the seven degree kingpin angle steering knuckles. 2" long. Auto Parts . Pitman Arm For 1968-1972 GM Midsize. Cars with A/C will only need the 2 long spacers. This Is A OE Style Stainless Steel Pitman Arm Steering Nut With The Steering Lock Washer For Installing Your Pitman Arm On Your Jeep. The tie rods are attached to each end of the center link. Tighten on the pitman arm puller until the tie rod end pops out of the knuckle. Make sure that the timing mark on the sector shaft is: A. I had one of those and it worked great. Use a rag to protect the arm from the wrench jaws. US Seller. Installation Procedure. The next thing I checked was the number of turns stop to stop. $59. . 8 / 12 PT. The pitman arm is secured to your steering box’s sector shaft with a large nut. If they are both variable ratio boxes, or both standard boxes, it will fit. 95 $ 28. 11/16 and 5/8 - 1/2 drive socket and wrench. Shipping rates are determined by UPS or US Postal depending on weight, size and value. New pitman arm, Moog K6582, $58. The box stayed put on the frame, the frame is not cracked as far as i can tell (and my other truck had that happen so i checked it inside and out as best i could) Obviously the sector shaft is not supposed to moving vertically. Pitman Arm For Saginaw Ps Conversion Ih8mud Forum. D. . 1 716838-blk power box mounting plate 12. i used this one-32oz power steering fluid. Inspect the pitman shaft seal surfaces for roughness or pitting. Remove the drag link from the pitman arm. So this gear will bolt up right to your frame and your power steering pitman arm and steering linkage will bolt right on as well. We'll use a pitman arm puller and when that doesn't work we'll add some heat t For use with our pitman arms on FJ40 power steering swaps. This is our high strength forged steel version of the popular Superlift 1104 Pitman arm that we machine to fit the high angle tie-rod ends and without a master key. The problem was that nobody knew the size of the nut. As far as the Caddy shaft fitting, maybe, maybe not. This nut has a high torque setting. PN716820 - Left hand thread This Saginaw manual steering box fits many GM applications from 1965-1991 and probably many more. Pitman Idler Arms 1970-1981 Pontiac Firebird Formula Trans Am Steering Box & Pitman Arm GM 5691676 Used. pitman arm-to-steering gear nut 1960-79 ford & mercury with 1. It should be torqued to 180 foot pounds. ~ Mike H. Cars without A/C will need to use both the short and long spacers. Decided to just replace the pitman arm along with the steering box, 10 minutes later the box was out and I had ordered a new pitman arm. 1 716829 short tie rod 9. $65. $48. 4. com and shop for in-store pickup at your local Pitman Arm dealer and removal nut size. 1970-1981 Pontiac Firebird Formula Trans Am Steering Box & Pitman Arm GM 5691676. . 0005 closer to the end of the splined shaft. You will then break the jam nut loose, screw down the Allen Although we manufacture and sell complete kits for Saginaw steering conversions, we do offer the individual components. and in most case have a blank key in them so depending on your exact mount location the key normally has to be filed out so that it can be clocked properly to get equal travel L/R from center If your steering gear is not finished mounted yet , move it to the correct Step 3 Remove the cotter key and nut retaining the tie rod end. For example, with our components, you could easily connect a GM column to a new Mustang rack and pinion or a Ford column to a Saginaw box. Attach the pitman arm to the sector shaft of the gearbox. Tubes available plain, chrome or polished stainless. Take car off jack stands and lower. Pitman Arm (SWS Part # 107-170) Fits stock Big GM Power Steering boxes . 99 To fix this, someone will have to center the steering box (the Pitman arm should be straight), and then, after loosening the clamps on the tie-rod adjuster sleeves, turn each of the sleeves to bring the wheels back to straight. Pitman arm nut and Fits 2wd Saginaw GM box Can be reamed to GM 1-ton TRE 'Centered' on the box. Put a small adjustable wrench on the input shaft, making sure that the box is in its straight ahead position (flat on shaft is horizontal, pitman arm almost inline with box). PN716817 - Power pitman arm . Step 3: Remove the retaining bolt from the pitman arm. If you don't have a 46mm socket you can use a 1 13/16 SAE socket. Step 3 – Continuing the Removal of Pitman Arm the pitman arm) with penetrating oil. Torque wrench that goes to 180 ft lbs. 50-70 Front Studs . This is the hose adapter fitting for Saginaw power steering pumps. 75". 5, return port 16 mm x 1. 95. 1978-88 G Body Pitman Arm Power Steering Saginaw 525 605 Metric Box Gm Hot Rod. 95 (USD) PITMAN ARM-TO-STEERING GEAR NUT 1960-65 FORD FALCON & COMET 1965-66 MUSTANG WITH 1-INCH SECTOR SHAFT FUTURA GT (AK1033) OER Parts Restoration Parts and Accessories - Pitman Arms. “A” with a number-Indicates the steering gear was built with a special mounting bracket (M110PBT1A2). Categories. It has approximately 3" of drop, and is 7" from center of sector shaft, to center of hole. This Is The Increasingly Harder To Find Special Size Chrysler Pitman Arm Nut and Lock Washer Set. Cars switching from manual steering will require a power steering pitman arm. but now is a good time to freshen it all up so its definitely a good idea)-pb blaster or wd40 is a very helpful tool as well. ca. 1958-1976 Saginaw Power Steering Pump Fitting (5/8"-18 To -6An) SKU: IMIC1253572. Pitman arm long - 5. Before you can install your Saginaw power steering system you must first remove your old setup. Rough Country Drop Pitman Arm Morris 4x4. There are two shaft sizes—1 and 11⁄2 inch. The venerable Saginaw steering box has been in use for many decades and is found on a wide range of four-wheel-drives. . Pitman arm puller. Column Steering Stem Pitman Arm YFZ450R 14~18,YFZ450R 14~18 Column Steering Stem Pitman Arm,YFZ450R14~18, Saginaw Parts Co, Ltd, with exclusive discounts The Hottest Design Get Great Savings Authentic goods are sold online Get the best quality products from our store. PN716810 - Stock Jeep column bushing . I got my 1969 convertible back today, and the pitman arm is the same bent shape. Be careful. The “700-series”, “800-series” and similar derivative designs, including the “605” gears, each trace back to Saginaw Gear Division’s patented innovation, the recirculating ball-and-nut, worm and sector mechanism. (GM Taper & Thread size 7/8” x 18TPI) #BAL713/714 - $15. Etc. The stamped steel bracket from a gas 78-93 truck can be used in a diesel, you just have to drill the mounting holes in the bracket larger. 25 In some cases, it may be necessary to use two or three washers on the top side of the Pitman Arm so that the threads on the tie rod end will secure the proper taper fit. The pitman arm can only be installed in four different positions, if you installed it in the wrong position it will be fairly obvious. You will note thatthe pitman arm nut is metric, size: largerthan anymetricwrench I own. (27 mm)] Pitman Arm Shaft Nut (1) Fits 525 Manual or 605 Saginaw Power Steering Box; Now rock the coupler (2) back and forth about +/- 5° of rotation (from the dead-ahead, 12 o’clock position) while observing the movement of the pitman arm (4). DOM Tube & good welding is very strong & great for off road. Drag link tapered hole measures . Many makes of automobiles, light trucks and SUV models use Saginaw rotary valve integral power steering gears. 1. First, put the front tires in the air, engine off the whole time, set the steering at center or straight ahead with the tires. Center the steering gear. 2" long. Some of the interface changes that did occur are as New 1968-1972 GM Midsize Pitman Arm 525 Saginaw 605 Box Chevy Buick Olds New. Selling as a core/rebuilder and at a core price. The easiest way to tell an 800-type gearbox from a 605-type box is by the type of Pitman cover on the shaft. 25", medium 5. Nut size is 7/8-14 Caterpillar number on the one I have here: 1D-5121 Lock washer part number: 3B-4514Cat number on the one I have here: 1D-5121 Lock washer part number Napa part #20-6000. Fixed Price $ 39. 32. from Sheppard with a Pitman Arm attached.   We This pitman arm will work on all gm mid size metric frames with the big steering box, MONTE CARLO, ODs. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Now pull up on the cover, (you can also push in on the pitman arm, using a hammer to tap if necessary). Simply thread the tool in to pop the pitman arm off. It looks identical to the setup in the Troubleshooting & Correcting Steering technical thread, with the exception of a drop pitman arm instead of a regular pitman arm and what i will explain below. I measured it and it's about 1 7/8" in size. Take out the (4) 9/16” bolts holding the top cover on, along with the over center adjustment locknut. This Direct Fit Stainless Pitman Arm Nut & Lock Washer Will Fit Your Jeep Grand Wagoneer, Full Size Wagoneer, Full It penetrates the water jacket! Attach the two groove 2F water pump pulley temporarily to the water pump with a couple of 8mm x 1. It could be a positive or negative multiplier (number less than one - a decimal). That With The Correct Fitting Size To Fit The Saginaw Line. Not the rag joint or beyond the gear box. Use no other tool. 12. This pitman arm nut has a zinc plated finish. To address the issue of pitman arm interference with the tierod I sell a 5 1/4" pitman arm. 2. 5. Large to be reliable with high front axle weight I don't want a welded arm, but I'd be fine with a custom arm so I can get something with some beef to it. Loosen the adjuster plug locknut and, using a spanner wrench, screw down the adjuster plug cartridge until you get about four (4) in/lbs of preload measured at the input shaft. 00. . The steering is converted to the long/short tie rod conversion and the two tie rods are close to flat and parallel, but I still have a problem with bump steer and it handles pretty rough. 28. Attach pitman arm and torque nut and bolt assembly. 25 bolts. I am going to install my minitruck setup into my FJ55 so I pulled the system whole. Use a puller to pull off the Pitman arm. 587 "RWD, Power Steering; 1965: Buick: Electra: FRONT; RWD, Manual 2002 avalance leaks pwr steering fluid from the bottom of the linkage from the main housing is this the pitman bushing - Answered by a verified Chevy Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. The Saginaw Design; Measure the small dia. 1 716830 long tie rod 10. 460 minor I. Box has a 25:1 ratio (6. You will need a 1. Using a unique torsion bar instead of the more conventional coil spring freed up room in the uni-body chassis vehicles … Remove the 22mm outer tie rod nut. Hello everyone, I recently purchased a 1964 El Camino 327 small block with manual steering and drum brakes. The double nut was tightened onto the sector shaft to attach the dropped pitman arm. The GM part number is 5667628 and costs from $9 to $13 at the dealer. This itemAllstar Performance ALL56358 Pitman Arm Nut and Lock Washer. Nowforthe goodnews, the stock '55 Pontiac pitman arm spline is the sameasthe A loose NUT does NOT, a LOOSE Pitman arm MAKE, for if it DID, you wouldnt need huge hyd. Crown Auto Pitman Arm Nut J3200501. Leave cap off. The large bolt connecting the pitman arm to the steering box must be removed first. Drop pitman arm helps reduce steering linkage angles on lifted vehicles. . PN716812 - Tie rod clamp . 00 (5 offers) - Buy F100-F250 Arm Saginaw Pitman . In this video I'll show you how-to (or maybe how not to) remove a pitman arm. The new pitman arm is a bit longer than the original, I hope that won't be a problem. Remove the Pitman arm from the steering gear using a large deep well socket and a Pitman arm puller. 587 "RWD, Power Steering; 1964: Buick: Electra: FRONT; Saginaw Design; Measure the small dia. Dothe samewith the new 605powersteering box. Finally, there is a SPLINED section of the shaft, which a matching spline on the Pitman arm engages. Insure fittings are sealed and properly tightened and then slowly fill the pump with power steering fluid. Over 6,000 Automotive Torque Specs. Remove the burrs before installing the new seals. In this video I will go over a few different pitman arms as I prepare an upgrade for the 1 ton swap and show you an easy way to remove those stuck pitman arm SAGINAW TIE ROD END - Fits Saginaw steering box Pitman arm - Features a long slot, and a hardened steel support on the ball - Comes with tie rod boot, cotter pin, nut, and zerk fitting Club Price with 15% Discount is $ 55. Next, if you tighten the lash screw it will push the cover plate off. I'm not positive but I think it its possible for your Pitman arm to be installed 90 degrees off. Jeep Sj Pitman Arm Full Size Retered 4wdfactory. Disconnect the Pitman arm by removing the nut and washer. Straight, inverted flare zinc coated steel, 5/8"-18 to -6AN. Again, this prevents the Steering Box from damaging the Axle, Ram, and itself. First big plus is the stock Plymouth pitman arm fits and indexes correctly. I don't even know if that was right or Saginaw produced two different basic power steering units. 28. Loading replacement filter Saginaw, AL 35137 The first step is to remove the cover. Disconnect column coupler at steering box. The pitman arm is removed first; make sure the steering is centered when the arm is removed. Bolt size for pitman arm nut Can anyone confirm what size socket/wrench is necessary to remove the nut from the steering gear box to get the pitman arm off? I know it isn't a 1 1/8 and it isn't a 32mm. A mild drop pitman arm is provided to correct any extreme steering angles with the increase in ride height. B. P The Pitman arm from Rare Parts is a little over a 100 dollars as I bought one for the 1966 LTD as that was worn as well. GRADE 8 Nut & Washer -Impact Gun (not required, but will help a SHIT TON when using the pitman -arm puller and getting the pitman arm nut off :crazy-pickle fork. 5. D. Step 4 Using a tie rod puller, separate the tie rod end from the pitman arm. 97) 268-1454 - Pitman Arm, Forged, Power Steering, 1965-68 AMC Hold the arm in this position with a large pipe wrench. Everything seems ok except the pitman arm and sector shaft would pop up and down vertically about 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch. Features a SAE thread at the pitman arm for a direct fit to the pitman arms taper and a metric thread at the bottom for use with the OEM Toyota tie rod end. 5/16 - 1/2 drive socket and a long breaker bar/pipe. Borrowed a pitman arm puller from Autozone for that. OTC makes a tool for adjusting the tie-rod sleeves but most backyarders just use a brake spoon or screwdriver. I'd like to use it as a daily driver and prefer quality parts that don't break the bank. Because it does not have master splines, you will need to center your steering box before installing pitman arm. 2. Good luck. $29. Install part #990050 V-8 Manual steering drag link to the original idler arm. 32mm will not fit which is slightly larger than 1¼". • . the dropped Sag Power steering Pittman arms in the market place are around 2-2. e. Steering box uses a 3/4-30 spline input shaft and all pre-1977 cars will require a new rag joint connector 60-FS0063 Steel nylock nut with 5/8"-18 threads designed to retain the pitman arm on reversed Corvair steering boxes. I'm not sure about the Flaming River boxes, don't know about their spline count but they are easy to spot by their heavier castings and also have a different look to the sector shaft cover. 1 716817 pitman arm-power 5. Replace motor mounts if removed. I want to try & take all the tools I need. Thanks for your help. After removingthe nutwe usedabeltsanderto sanda bit off all sides soit wouldfit a SAEwrench. 3 724324 HIGH COLLAR WASHER 21. See results below for Camaro, 2010-Up Camaro, Firebird, Chevy II / Nova, Impala / Full Size, Chevy / GMC Truck, Mopar A, B, and E Body, Regal / Grand National, Tri-Five Chevy, Buick Regal and Ford Mustang. . Because the Borgeson steering box is a rebuild on the same housing as the original, there was only one additional part that we needed with the installation. JEGS Tie Rod End and Pitman Arm Puller [Opening size: 1 1/8 in. Don’t Judge This Book By Its Cover. 1-3/8″ inch socket or wrench (pitman arm nut) Large pair of Channel-Lock pliers (for worm shaft adjuster cap) Bushing/bearing installer kit (Corvette swap meet vendors have reasonable cost kits) Pitman arm remover (rent from local auto parts store) Forty-two years of brake fluid, engine oil and exhaust heat have taken a toll on this steering FJ40 PITMAN ARM NUT & WASHER $ 5. Diag wire cutter. Allows Use of Saginaw Power Steering Pump & Premade BPE Power Steering Lines / Hoses. On Saginaw boxes the flat spot on the input shaft will be facing up. 1 per Pack. PN 716814 - Spud shaft clamp . The teeth on the outside of the nut pivot the sector shaft, which attaches to the steering pitman arm. Nuts tend to run a little small, but not that much. Hose Adapters, CPP 605SOL, $15. GM LS3 Engine Conversions: The alternator will need to be modified for clearance. If pitted, replace the shaft. Aug 29, 2013 - New Rare Parts 10131 Upper ball joint for 1963-1966 Ford Thunderbird from your source for performance and restoration parts FCRC Machine Chevrolet Camaro Torque Specs. I bought some sockets (1 1/16”, 1 1/8”, 1 3/16”, 1 1/4”, 1 5/16”, 32mm and 36mm (Sears doesn’t sell a 34mm socket and Pep Boys was out of them)). Skyjacker Ja350 Pitman Arm Fits 74 91 Cherokee Grand Wagoneer J10. Tie Rod End - L. I tried to adjust the top screw but it is tight enough in fact i will be loosening it off a bit. View Item Details. Unless it's a 1 17/64 hex, which would not suprise me either. I do know it's close enough that with an inverted flare adapter for the O ring, a 3/8" inverted flare fitting will screw in and seal. GM Pitman Arm Nut And Lock Washer . It does this without limiting normal steering radius or changing the steering ratio. T. 5) Pitman Arm Nut and Washer are not Included. All tie rod-to-tie rod end connections must have a tie rod clamp installed with a bolt, lock washer, and nut. PITMAN ARM AND COLUMN REMOVED BASIC MODEL NUMBER (M100) (INVERTED) REMOVE PAINT PMX3 Drop Pitman Arm, w/Manual Steering, 1971-1986, Jeepster Commando, CJ-5, CJ-7, Commando Power steering pitman arm for any 1967-70 Mercury Cougar or Ford Mustang with steering box with 1-1/8" sector shafts. Dana 60 Gmchevy 4 Drop Pitman Arm For Crossover Steering. . 1967-1981 Camaro & Firebird Pitman Arm Nut & Lock Washer GM 9429184 & 9429693: Camaro pitman arm nut and washer kit. Steering Gear Box Pitman Arm Nut & Lock Washer - Pair. Since Drop pitman arms helps reduce steering linkage angles on lifted vehicles, this style arm is used on just about every GM truck cross-over steering and high-steer kit, this pitman is Rear Nut . i also cleaned the the rod out of the botom of the saginaw real good so i should All of the steering components (i. . 99 x 4. Built A-Jan B-Feb. Do not disturb the sector shaft adjustment screw and locknut in the center of the cover (we will not be making any adjustments to this). Check out PickupForTrucks. pitman arm- 65-68 full-size power saginaw gear. •. Properly aligned with the mark on the pitman arm. Your steering gear box transfers the steering wheel's position to the steering linkage that turns the wheels. Spinning a nut about 3/8 inch onto the bolt creates a great pilot punch to install the seats. OER® is America's first choice for GM and Mopar Restoration Parts and accessories. 8", short- 5. I believe the return is 16mm1. 1) This kit includes both 7/16” and 3/8” mounting bolts. " " Novis- DYI 2-3 hrs GEAR SIZE A serial number is also assigned to each steering gear and is interpreted below: SERIAL NUMBER SYSTEM THIS SERIAL NO. Drag-link adjustment A. 1965-68 Ford Full Size Pitman Arm (Saginaw power steering) (Fits: More than one vehicle) New 1960-79 Ford Nut Pitman Arm-to-Steering Gear Mustang Fairlane Torino Classic Performance VEGA-PA pitman arm will fit a 1971 to 1977 Chevy Vega with a Classic Performance steering box. The Saginaw recirculating ball-and-nut design is the best design to date for pitman type steering boxes, and vehicle manufacturer's have used this design into the 1990s for the durability and strength in the design. I believe Saginaw made several boxes for GM I tried to adjust the big nut on top and it's very tough to move. 134ci; 1952-71 JEEP M38A1 (MD) AC; Accesories; Air Cleaner; AMC 20; Arm Rests; Axle; Bearing Pit-man arm nut 90-110 ft. 500 convert. Saginaw Steering Boxes are preferred for your build – this allows us to use 0-mile Parts. The Toyota pitman arm nut size is 32mm. Brad We road-test four different Saginaw power steering boxes and report on which one was best for autocross and which was best for street driving. B-M's are produced on the original machines and tooling, it was purchased from GM. Steering Box Pitman Arm 68-72 Big Gm Power Steering 600 700 5 Hot Rod Street. 95. $84. I needed a LARGE socket to remove the nut holding on the pitman arm. If you don't own a torque wrench, or don't feel confident working on your own Jeep, contact Texas Tire Sales at (817) 598-0333 and we can inspect your steering linkage and suspension components for you. 5 turns. # Place an index mark (1) on the steering gear housing (4) parallel with one of the holes (3) in the adjuster nut assembly (2). Having a difficult time finding this. . A Custom 1104M version of the popular Superlift 1104 Pitman arm. to rotational motion of the Pitman arm, which Moparshop: Bank Account: Otto-Hahn-Strasse 10: Sparkasse Vest: 59399 Olfen, Germany: IBAN: DE14 42650150 0002921732: Phone: +49 2595 387441: BIC: WELADE D1 REK I have the usual steering wandering following the road and a 1 " slack in steering at the gear box . Object Number: 321996 Size: SH Click here for detailed picture of above image. (Pressure port- 18 mm x 1. Pitman Arm Stainless Steel Nut & Steering Lock Washer Set 1981-1991. Since the wider grooves are just in the 3,6,9,&12 positions you might try removing the Pitman arm turning your wheel a quarter turn back to center and readjusting your drag link until it matches the Pitman arm in its new position. Saginaw Design = . Socket size will depend on sector shaft size. Does this steering gear use the same size sector/pitman arm as the 2009-up stock gear? Or is this a third size sector: 2003-2008 stock, 2009-up stock and 2003-2008 Mopar upgrade steering gear? Do you know which sector size or application Carli's pitman arm fits? Center Arm And Bracket » Steering Center Arm, 58-6/69 FJ40 FJ45, Used » 45421-AB1U If you have a powder-coated arm already installed, and if the arm has been in service, re-check the nut torque with the pitman arm in the straight ahead steering position. Does anyone cut and bend high yield plate and broad the Classic Industries Restoration Parts and Accessories - Pitman Arms. These popular steering boxes have become synonymous with Chevy power steering, are a great choice, and are available in rebuilt form from all kinds of manufacturers-but now there's something better. Once you have marked the Additional information by Joe Leonard: The 72-74 pitman arm was approximately 1/2" longer than the 75-77. A power-assisted steering gear puts fluid pressure on the nut to assist its movement inside the steering gearbox. . This is a 46mm nut. •. Remove bolts holding original steering box and remove it from car. I'm removing the pitman arm to replace the steering box which is leaking and has considerable miles on it So from what I can gather best guesses are a 33MM for sure or possibly a 1 5/16 SAE or 34 MM One person here posted they actually used a 33 so thats pretty solid , (and a measurement of 1. Shocks and stuts done. 1 716834-30b *30 tooth spud shaft 11. C $88. You also might need a couple of pipes for leverage, one to go on the pitman arm and one on the breaker bar. 925110 P/S Hose kit. 5" throw . 60. TAPERED PITMAN SHAFT. Since the metric and conventional threads arevery close to each other you will find that the 5/8 nut screws very easily intothe 16mm port, the 11/16 nut may need a little persuasion but it also will screwinto the 18mm port. Is there a particular trick to remove that nut? I tried today to replace the pitman arm but the nut would just not move and in case you ask i do have an air impact but didnt have a flexible joint, so could it be harder because it was not in the right angle? 2001 GMC Yukon 4wd BTW if need to pull the pitman arm, the nut on the spline is speced at 175 lb. AKA when the box is centered, the pitman is pure fore/aft. That along with my steering arms eliminates the tendency to "rub" tierod tube against the pitman arm when the direction of the wheels is straight forward. and really need a special pitman arm puller with a 1 5/16" gap. Adapters are included for flare fittings, or will install to O-ring style hoses. Used my big electric impact gun to run the arm up onto the splines. H. is this normal? whats the torque spec on the pitman arm bolt. com. Intermediate shaft replacement boot. My truck is getting recalls done at the dealer so I can't see what size it is. This is a larger, thicker pitman arm that works great with full size or heavy vehicles. Lastly, I dont know if you mentioned it or not but the top cap torque specs for the 4 bolts is 45 ft-lbs and the pitman arm nut is 180 ft-lbs Attachments saginaw exploded view_sm. These bolt heads and lock nuts can vary in size. Factory replacement for your car. #BAL225/226 - $19. 5" in drop and 5-5. 1 723725 3/8"-16 x 2" BOLT 20. Pete and Jake's Hot Rod Parts. 82. Make sure the input shaft is at the center of travel and the wheels are straight. of the Ctr Link stud that attaches to the Pitman Arm. 125” sector shaft galaxie falcon mustang & others Column Steering Stem Pitman Arm YFZ450R 14~18. Input shaft is 3/4"-30 spline 1964-72 GM A-Body Pitman Arm for 700 Series Manual or 600 Delphi Power Steering Box - 5". See all 35 photos With the Pitman arm removed, the factory steering gear is removed as shown using an 11/16-inch socket and box-end wrench. 3 724347 7/16" x 1-1/2" GRD. 2. 00) 268-1453 - Pitman Arm, Forged, Power Steering, 1964-88 AMC, Rambler - Limited Lifetime Warranty (+$38. Step 2 – Remove the Pitman Arm. street legal. When removing the pitman arm retaining nut and pitrnan arm, put a piece of timber in place Our tie rods and drag links are made from 7/8" seamless tubing tapped 11/16"x 18 left and right for easy adjustment. I believe it is an 1 3/16" but I got mine off with a pipe wrench because the socket is going to run you close to ten bucks. 99 Purechoice Motorsports power steering hose adapters. Only REPRESENTS: (00) YEAR BUILT – 2000 (C MONTH – MARCH (15914) REF. The manual steering on the Plymouth is 4 ½ stop to stop (and as I recall correctly the PS cars were 4 turns stop to stop). Then the screw slides out of a slot in the Pitman arm. Pitman Arm Retaining Nut Size: 46MM. Search Car Torque Specifications by Engine or Model I have rebuilt my gear box (Saginaw) and pump (cleaning and replace the bearing, seals, and “O” rings) and I was able to cross reference and use the following seal kit from SKF 12392 for the pitman shaft. Keep that in mind when you start the job. . I used red locktite on the new nut along with the lockwasher. 285 would be 32. Tighten the adjusting screw (3), which may be slotted or hex-recess [Allen] depending on the box’s year of manufac ture) until any observed slop just disappears. This Pitman Arm Nut & Lock Washer Kit will work on All Power Steering Rear Wheel Drive Dodge, Plymouth, & Chrysler Cars. 18: Note my use of a pitman arm puller for removing the pitman arm. D. The pitman arm has a larger internal spline than the manual steering pitman arm in order to fit the 1. Object Number: 321997 Size: SH Click here for detailed picture of above image. See results below for Camaro, 2010-Up Camaro, Firebird, Chevy II / Nova, Impala / Full Size, Chevy / GMC Truck, Mopar A, B, and E Body, Regal / Grand National, Tri-Five Chevy, Buick Regal and Ford Mustang. Pitman Arm Nut and Washer Set (SWS Part # 107-1400) Screws on steering box shaft to secure pitman arm The drop steering arm is specifically engineered for lifted Pitman Arm for 05-16 Ford 4wd F-250 / F-350 Super Duty [6617] | Rough Country The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Skyjacker Ja150 Pitman Arm For 3 5 4 Lift. In the 1960s and '70s, most Saginaw steering units produced were the model 800; the model 605 began appearing in mid-size GM vehicles in 1978. Rough Country Drop Pitman Arm (fits) 87-06 Jeep Wrangler TJ YJ | 84-01 Cherokee XJ Comanche MJ | 2. Quick view Add to Cart. Total steering gear preload should be 14 in lbs or less. Click to expand No one . Tools pitman arm manual steering 75-77 maverick $99. You may need to replace your steering box if you notice a grinding noise, burning oil smell, leaking power steering fluid, or have difficulty turning the steering wheel while driving. This part with the casting number of C9ZA-3590-A was used starting in 1969, but was the service replacement pitman arm for 1967-68 cars too. C-Mar. They tend to run a little big anyway. US Seller. Cap the gear ports and lines to prevent contamination from dirt. So this gear will bolt up right to your frame and your power steering pitman arm and pitman shaft nut will assemble as well. On top of low prices, Advance Auto Parts offers 6 different trusted brands of Pitman Arm products for the 1988 Chevrolet S10. You need: a 32mm socket; a pitman arm puller; a breaker bar; a huge, heavy hammer, 3-5lb; Loosen the pitman arm nut with a 32mm socket. I had it ported for hydro assist, but just capped off the lines as I don't have the ram yet. What drag link can you use if you have a Dana 60 front differential instead of a Dana 44? Saginaw produced two different basic power steering units. • Install original Pitman arm to the new Pitman shaft and tighten nut. A bolt wass then slid through the heim joint support and tightened into the other end of the double nut. Final damage: Broke 4 pitman arm pullers (2 autozone, 2 O'Reilly), 2 ratchets (3 if you count the 1/2 drives selector switch popping off), a 3/8ths to 1/2 adapter. 3/8" Drive Crowfoot Wrench 14mm, Open End, Metric 10764 Size (mm) 14 Overall Length (Inches) A 1 3⁄4 Diameter of Head (Inches) B 1 1⁄8 Thickness of Head (Inches) C 1⁄4 Thickness of Drive End (Inches) D 1⁄2 Length of Centers (Inches) E 1 A 15% restocking fee is charged to return this item (unused). GM tie rod end to pitman arm 45ft-lb. 25 turns lock-to-lock) with a 3-13/16" long input shaft with 3/4" 30-splines. • Install the proper power steering pump mounting bracket for your application and then install power steering pump and pulley. ~ 2006 2500HD EXTENDED CAB LONGBED Description This Nut & Lock Washer is used to mount the Stock Pitman Arm to the Steering Sector Shaft on the Steering Box of your 66-77 Classic Ford Bronco. PN716819 - Center socket tie rod end . Then there is a 1/8" length UNthreaded portion of the shaft, to hold the lockwasher that sits bewteen the nut and the Pitman arm. $25. Do not over-adjust or over-tighten, tighter is not better, adjustment is complete as soon as no movement is felt. Mark the position of the Pitman arm to the Pitman shaft with a center punch. Drop down pitman arm manual Saginaw $31. Review Of Big Bore XD Featured on Fourwheeler Network I curious if the mounting bolt pattern is the same, and if the output shaft for the pitman arm is the same. 5×12” coil over shocks to provide superior dampening with our spec’d valving and mount into place using our Bronco front shock hoop and tube engine crossover. The bolt is typically 1-5/16”, but can vary in size. 11. I do not know the exact fitment nor it s functionality. Remove Pitman arm from steering box and drag link rod. On the fitting on the box. This top-grade product is expertly made in compliance with stringent industry standards to offer a fusion of a well-balanced design and high level of so when you get the nut tomorrow thread it on. The nut, once torqued, was . 6 Cylinder 990003 Ford Mid-Size Drag link adapter. Borgeson 700 series rebuilt Saginaw power steering box. jpg The pitman arm nut should be 185ft-lb. IS 00C15914 00 2000 (Used Last Two No’s) C MO. saginaw pitman arm nut size